Welcome True North To The NTUNED Mix-Up With Ms.P And Nikki-G


A precise, navigational device that uses one’s location in relation to the North Star. In literature, True North refers to an individual’s quest to find his or her best path in life.

The concept of True North is consistent with the quality we deem most invaluable to Chinese Medicine – emphasis on the individual. In this ancient healing art, no two people are treated in the same manner because they exhibit similar symptoms of disharmony or illness. Instead, this uniquely humanistic approach to medicine takes into account the distinct makeup of each patient – body, mind and spirit.

At True North Acupuncture, our mission is to understand the goals of our patients in terms of what best health means to them.

A contract is made between practitioner and patient to work as a team in an effort to meet the health needs determined by the patient.

Our desire is to incorporate the ancient healing arts of Chinese medicine into the realities of life in modern-day New York City.

We design our treatment strategies with the complexities of city life in mind.

Let us be the needle on the compass, helping direct you toward the True North of your health.

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