The NTUNED MixUP Welcomes Jigsawe

Jigsawe is a rising contemporary artist from the Midwest. Jigsawe was born and raised in the Northwest section of St. Louis, Missouri. Born into a large family Jigsawe had the opportunity to be exposed to many different views on life yet learned to keep a firm grip on his beliefs. After high school jigsawe joined the Marines and served his country in two deployments in Iraq and Somalia, earning himself an honorable discharge. It was during his tours he fostered a genuine love and connection to the art of musical expression. He used his experiences and influences from pioneers such as KRS-ONE, Public Enemy, and Tupac to help him perfect his craft as a rapper. After leaving the service, Jigsawe decided to take his music seriously and began a career as a politically conscious rapper. However, wanting to add more to his music than just politics, he quickly realized possible limitations within that category. Jigsawe uses inspiration from day to day contact with people, his surroundings, and the every day struggle witness by many across the globe. He also uses his relationship with God to help with a better understanding of what he experiences daily. It was this awareness that allowed him to then revamp his message into one of a Christian rapper. His music holds a message of “Only God can judge you, Only God truly knows you”. Jigsawe released his first single called “One God” in 2010 off his debut album Down With The King. 

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