The Corner w/Altidude Welcomes Sonny Lyrix

Meet us LIVE at the intersection of ARTISTRY & CULTURE #TheCorner LIVE tonight at 10pm! call in 818-495-6975 as Altidude interviews hip hop artist Sonny Lyrix, and talks about his unorthodoxed style, and his music origins. Check out Sonny’s bio below;


Many artists find themselves trapped in a sound that limits there creative potential. But there are others that refuse to be placed in a box. Sonny Lyrix fits firmly in the latter category. His new single, Mile High, has a fresh sound full of swagger with commercial appeal. Lyrix has the innate ability to appeal to multiple demographics due to the popular nature of his hip-hop music. As he would say, “ I make music in a way everyone can relate.” This outlook on music provides him a platform few artists can stand on and deliver quality music while being organic. 

Sonny Lyrix, born Walter Cochran to Marchelle Smith, is a Dayton, Ohio native. He began his musical journey at a young age… His mother sang professionally with “Roger and Zapp”, exposing him to the music industry and all it had to offer. Though it involved hard work, heartbreak, and late nights, he was not deterred. At age 16, Sonny Lyrix began to hone his lyrical talents, which led him to New York after graduating from high school. Upon his arrival to the Big Apple, he quickly submerged himself in his music while embracing the rich history of hip-hop’s Mecca

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