Our Interview with Willie Taylor

Willie Madison Taylor III, a.k.a. Willie, Day26, is rapidly gaining popularity as 1/4 of Diddy’s newest band member. There were various aspiring singers that attempted to dazzle Sean Combs with their talent, but Willie, along with four other members, beat out the heavy competition.

Willie has been making a name for himself as a former member of Chicago ’s Kwiet Storm. Kwiet Storm’s, “Leave Me Alone” video has appeared on BET’s Midnight Love, 106th & Park, and various other shows. After moderate success with Kwiet Storm, Willie branched out to become a solo artist, and looked into other avenues to enhance his musical career. He has worked with brilliant singers such as Ginuwine, Joe, and Jagged Edge, to only name a few. He also co-wrote songs with Avant for his Director album.

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