MoKenStef On The NTUNED MixUP With Ms.P

In the Beginning:

Mokenstef came together in 1990. Kenya and Stef, cheerleaders at Inglewood’s Morningside high, were looking for a third member for a hip-hop dance crew. Hollywood High student, Mo auditioned and demolished the competition.

They started dancing for various hip hop acts on stage and in videos, most notably for rapper AMG ( Bitch Betta have my money), And Big Daddy Kane(This is for the lover in you) Looking to become more then just hard bodies in the background, they started developing their respective vocal talents. They hooked up with a local production company, which didn’t go very far, and signed a contract with a shady management company went absolutely no where. But they stuck with it, working on their music careers between college classes and normal 9-5 jobs.

“We were struggling. We didn’t have a manager. We were our own self-support group, “says Stef resolutely.

Their break came when they dropped in on AMG one afternoon at the office of “Greedy Greg” Jesse and Anthony “Anti” Lewis, owners of Outburst Records (Domino). The owners were listening in on AMG and some local artists clowning around, tossing out rhymes . Mo chimed in with a few notes, and Suddenly she and her two partners had a captive audience with their rhyming and singing. Soon after, Mokenstef officially became part of the Outburst, Island, and Def Jam family and started work on the album

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