Interview: Black Men For Bernie And Compton For Bernie on The NTUNED Mix-UP

BRUCE C. CARTER is the founder of Black Men for Bernie, a business coach & youth advocate. Bruce started his first business at the tender age of 8 and is a true entrepreneur with over 36 years experience as a business owner. In hopes of addressing some of society’s issues, Bruce believes economic literacy must become prevalent in our youth and small business owners.

“Which person is worse: the one who created the problem or the person that knows of the problem, but does nothing to fix it.”

Maria Estrada is with Compton for Bernie and have been working with Bruce Carter with Black Men For Bernie campaigning for Bernie Sanders and promoting participation in the political process in the community. She is also part of “The Middle Class Will be Heard” that addresses a variety of issues from police brutality to income inequality to education to the Israeli Palestinian conflict that, she has ran for four years now. Maria has been doing her thing within Compton for Bernie page that addresses issues that affect the community as well as Americans afor Bernie Sanders page and The Original Tea Party page.

Compton for Bernie has been active in the community, specifically Herón Carillo, the founder of Compton for Bernie. He has been outspoken at the city council meetings to the point that quorum became an issue and as recently as Tuesday he was denied speaking at the meeting by Mayor Aja Brown. He has accepted a position in Ohio with the campaign that and will be leaving Saturday for 3 months and will be addressing climate change. Herón intends on running for city council for district 1 in Compton.

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