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Win A Reading with Mystic Michaela been able to see colors around people. Along with these colors I would get messages, visions and departed loved ones from the other side trying to channel through me for perfect strangers. As a child I was often confused and anxious by the intense energy from the other side. Not until my early 20s I realized that this was a gift I am able to share with those who seek truth and healing. The colors I am able to see around people are actually Auric projections from their life force energy. Through what I’m able to see within the specific colors, hues and projections I am uniquely adept in perceiving imbalances within the energy system. I do specialize in centering and rebalancing those who wish to live their fullest life. I call this “Spiritual Life Guidance” as within each individual’s reading I am taken through a channeling process where I am guided from spirit guides and from those who have crossed over.
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